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Matt Haslett

Matt’s music is a blend of many styles, mainly consisting of blues, bluegrass, jazz, rock ‘n roll, and traditional folk…What is more important in Matt’s expression, however, is not the merging of traditional genres, but that he stays true to whatever inspires him in the moment of writing a song. Each different genre carries with it a context of mood that can facilitate the expression of the broad range of the human experience. Add Matt’s lyrics to the equation, and the listener is served with a depth of sound, and meaningful lyrics that can be interpreted many different ways. Matt’s music, at its best, is both inspired in its creation, and inspiring in its expression. In his debut LP record, Matt has brought together a mix of musicians hailing from backgrounds as diverse as his style. They have added depth and dimension to his musings, and provide a sound that one can dance to and reflect upon in the same listen. Thanks for visiting our page. It is Matt’s intention that your experience of the music is as rewarding as it was to create it.